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  • Lawn Signs

    These are lawn signs printed in full color.
  • Rectangular labels

    These are rectangular labels
  • Books

    These books can be perfect-bound or spiral bound!

  • Business card

    This is a personalizable business card

  • Catalog

    This is an example of how wp2print can handle saddle-stitched products. The main complexity is the restriction that the number of pages be restricted to a multiple of 4.

  • Leaflets

    These are 4-color leaflets printed on gloss paper.

  • Feather flag

    This is a demonstration of using the Print Science Designer for proofing.

  • Ink Stamp

    This is an ink stamp

  • Ivy Business card

    This is the 2-sided business card for the Ivy Real Estate Group. This card illustrates using the Print Science Designer using a mix of roman and chinese characters.

  • Outdoor Banner

    These are outdoor banners with a variable size.
  • Rollup banners

    These are roll-up banners.

  • AEC B/W vs Color

    This analyses your PDF files to determine if each page is B/W or Color. It then creates a price estimate based on different sqare footage prices for B/W and Color pages.